new articles: RDF and Prolog; RDF-Calendar taskforce

'scuse the crosspost. There are a couple of interesting new articles
on today (as there are most thursdays).

The 2nd in Bijan Parsia's series on RDF and Prolog, and a writeup by
Leigh Dodds (aka the XML Deviant) of the RDF Calendar taskforce,
See blurbs below or for details. Nice work :)


                     RDF Applications with Prolog

                     by Bijan Parsia
                     July 25, 2001

                     In the first article in this series, I explained some  of
                     the semantics of RDF via Prolog (and vice versa).
                     In this article, I'll explore some of the nitty-gritty of
                     working with RDF in Prolog using the SWI-Prolog

                     The RDF Calendar Task Force

                     by Leigh Dodds
                     July 25, 2001

                     This week the XML Deviant reports on a community  effort that's producing
                     interesting building blocks for the Semantic Web.

                     RDF has been experiencing something of a renaissance  lately with progress
                     occurring on many fronts. Tools, APIs, and datastore  implementations are
                     leading RDF out of academia and into mainstream  projects.

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