Represent a simple HTML file with RDF

Sorry, if this question sounds too simple, but I am new to the RDF
and have to quickly solve the problem describes above for a running project:

I have to read a given HTML file in my JAVA code and create a RDF file
out of it.

The HTML file simply contains user inputs, i.e. I have to represent in RDF:

1. the name of HTML file
2. name/value pairs of all the input fields

How would the RDF syntax for that look like?
Would the following be RDF conform?:

<rdf:Description about="">
	<s:Name>"Name of  1st input field</s:Name> 
	<s:Value>"Value of 1st input field</s:Value> 
	<s:Name>"Name of  2nd input field</s:Name> 
	<s:Value>"Value of 2nd input field</s:Value> 


Again, sorry if this looks like a silly question, but I am really running
out of time
with my project and have to quickly (without reading RDF manuals for hours)
have to find a solution for that.

Tanks for any help!!


Received on Friday, 13 July 2001 04:35:55 UTC