RDF Generation Query


I am trying to generate some RDF file from Java. Data for these RDF files
are stored in Class Objects. I was wondering if I could use RDF API for
this. I was going through the documentation of the API but am not able to
find a convenient and efficient way of doing this. Like for example, I want
to generate the following rdf through code.
<cool:WebEnt rdf:about="&cool;EntDescription"
	cool:we_type="Sovrin Ent">
	<cool:we_xml rdf:about="&cool;SovrinXMLURI"/>
	<cool:we_directory rdf:about="&cool;SovrinDirectoryURI"/>
	<cool:we_homepage rdf:about="&cool;SovrinHomePageURI"/>

Can anyone suggest a CLEAN way of generating these statements through code.


Sovrin Tolia
Software Technology Laboratory(Agents for Mobility)
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
Voice 650 857 3129 Telnet 857 3129
Internet sovrin@hpl.hp.com

Received on Thursday, 12 July 2001 14:44:53 UTC