[ANN] RDF Graph Modeling Language


I wrote a draft specification to describe graph structures using the RDF 
model (RGML - RDF Graph Modeling Language). You can find it at:


RGML Specification

The RDF Graph Modeling Language (RGML) is a W3C RDF vocabulary to describe 
graph structures, including semantic informationassociated with a graph. 
Viewing general graphs as Web resources, RGML defines graph, node, and edge 
as RDF classes and attributes of graphs (such as label and weight) as RDF 
properties. Some of these RDF properties establish relationships between 
graph, node, and edge instances. RDF Statements about graph elements involve 
subjects, predicates and objects. Subjects and predicates are RDF Resources, 
while objects are either RDF Resources or RDF Literals. RGML uses the XML 
Schema datatypes for RDF Literals. RGML can be easily combined with other 
RDF vocabularies, for example, to add Dublin Core properties. RGML is very 
useful for describing webgraphs (the structure of a web site), 
web collections, and sitemaps. 


I also wrote a brief note : 
"Adding Graph Rules using RGML and Logic Primitives"

You can find examples of graph rules using Notation 3 at:

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