Re: [sem-dev] Use of 'that' to express reification in N3 type languages.


:Seth :thinksThat { :Gore :won :TheElection } .
:Seth :thinksThat { { :Gore :won :TheElection } a log:Truth } .
{ :Gore :won :TheElection } a log:Falsehood .


Hmm.. I wonder what cwm would do if you actually fed that in and then asked whether Gore won the election or not.   But congrats, you met the challenge.  Yet I am still troubled by using the {} construct to talk about both the statement and the context of the statement.  It seems to me that there are three separate identities here:

1) the functioning of the statement itself
2) the statement as a topic of discussion
3) the context of the statement.

Semenglish gives us three distinct identities for those:

1) A r B.
2) that (A r B)
3) {A r B}

N3 gives us two:

1) :A :r :B.
2) {A r B}

I have been racking my brain to think of a practical example where conflating 2 & 3 will get us into trouble ... so far I can't think of any ... perhaps somebody else can ...

...thanks for the dialogue.

Received on Monday, 23 July 2001 17:37:38 UTC