Matching RDF models + anon nodes

One of the improvements in Jena-1-1-0
is a matching algorithm that can tell if two models are the same.

The algorithm aligns the anonymous resources; so that two files, identical
except for the order of statements will compare equal.

I've written up the algorithm used, the first draft is available at:

It's based on a standard algorithm from graph theory.

It could also be useful for deeper notions of equivalence (e.g. after we
have decided that certain pairs of URI's actually refer to the same

Any feedback, including stuff like typos and spelling errors, as well as
more profound comments, would be welcome. I plan to take the doc to a second
final version in three weeks time, when I will post a technical report
number and a non-transitory URL.


Jeremy Carroll
HP Labs

Received on Friday, 13 July 2001 05:53:54 UTC