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Most compatible, non-stupid ways to style text Charles Wiltgen (Sunday, 30 April)

Keep the font tag Robert Knight (Saturday, 29 April)

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Corrupt File fors@nn.prosoft-eng.com (Wednesday, 26 April)

bordercolor jane hoya (Saturday, 22 April)

DHTML and Log Files Taukir Hussain (Friday, 21 April)

XHTML tester Simon St.Laurent (Friday, 21 April)

TABLE height? Joe Kaczmarek (Thursday, 20 April)

RE: Add timeouts for security to HTML [offtopic] JOrendorff@ixl.com (Thursday, 20 April)

Macromedia Flash 4/Netscape <embed> Adrian Skupien (Thursday, 20 April)

Add timeouts for security to HTML Sameer Ajmani (Wednesday, 19 April)

RE: Assistance w/charset Dave J Woolley (Wednesday, 19 April)

Re: Assistance w/charset Dan Connolly (Wednesday, 19 April)

Attaching values Kirk Ruff (Monday, 17 April)

css2 Rebeca Rodriguez Calvo (Monday, 17 April)

Form POST Problem Cheun N Chong (Friday, 14 April)

All Radio Buttons Up Condition needs clarifying - HTML 4.01. Dave J Woolley (Friday, 14 April)

Various values for the "lang" attribute as used with the Q element B.K. DeLong (Thursday, 13 April)

Custom markup JOrendorff@ixl.com (Tuesday, 11 April)

CSS3 module : new version of W3C Selectors draft Daniel Glazman (Tuesday, 11 April)

CSS vs. Layers Alex Bisogni (Monday, 10 April)

TABINDEX,onfocus,ACCESSKEY Thomas Ashe (Monday, 10 April)

SGML Open Catalog Simon St.Laurent (Sunday, 9 April)

XHTML 1.1 .extra? Simon St.Laurent (Friday, 7 April)

XHTML 1.1 .class inconsistency Simon St.Laurent (Friday, 7 April)

Indicating mutli-level back operation required (was: idea for HTM L addition) Dave J Woolley (Friday, 7 April)

Modularization of XHTML B.3.4.2 Simon St.Laurent (Friday, 7 April)

About designing dynamically generated sites from DBs or... Dionysios G. Synodinos (Friday, 7 April)

idea for HTML addition Theatronix (Thursday, 6 April)

URLencoding. Dave Bridger (Friday, 7 April)

XHTML.version.attrib? Simon St.Laurent (Thursday, 6 April)

datatype parameterization issues Simon St.Laurent (Thursday, 6 April)

abstract syntax 4.5.2, 4.5.1 Simon St.Laurent (Wednesday, 5 April)

optional attributes in abstract modules? Simon St.Laurent (Wednesday, 5 April)

Table Cells and Groups Fantasai (Wednesday, 5 April)

namespaces and modules Simon St.Laurent (Tuesday, 4 April)

Ignoring empty paragraphs L. David Baron (Monday, 3 April)

Is there a tangible demand for device upload? (was RE: support fo r...) Pearson, Chris C (Monday, 3 April)

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XML or XHTML ? Ashvil (Monday, 3 April)

RE: support for Salsman proposal for form-based device input Pearson, Chris C (Sunday, 2 April)

Re: support for Salsman proposal for form-based device input James P. Salsman (Sunday, 2 April)

support for device upload (was Re: HTML forms) James Salsman (Sunday, 2 April)

"Presentational" vs. "Legacy" Jelks Cabaniss (Sunday, 2 April)

Re: HTML forms James P. Salsman (Saturday, 1 April)

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