namespaces and modules

Reading through the Modularization of XHTML draft, I'm trying to figure out
how namespaces can be added to new modules.  For XHTML 1.1 itself, this is
easy, as all of it lives in a single namespaces.  For additional modules,
I'm not quite sure what to do.

Should I override/modify Xmlns.attrib?

Should I just give all the elements I might use in my new module an xmlns*
attribute that defines their namespace?

I'm sure there's a good answer for this, but I can't find a good
explanation.  Section 6.4.4 describes what the namespace for the 'My
Elements' module should be, but doesn't actually create an attribute
defining it.

All suggestions are very welcome.

Simon St.Laurent
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Received on Tuesday, 4 April 2000 19:04:43 UTC