idea for HTML addition

I hope this is a valid address to offer suggestions to.

One aggravating feature of the WWW is the automatic-forwarding action of
some web pages that pass you on to some other page without any actions on
your part.  This is a big benefit UNTIL you try to go "BACK".  Then, if the
time constant is set too short, you wind up where you started, rather than
going to the previous webpage.  

A possible solution would be to add something that would alert the
browser's "BACK" button to NOT just go back one step, but to go back 2
steps.  This would require mods to the browser's list of sites visited in
the form of an additional flag bit, which would be set by the keyword in
the page that causes the auto-forwarding.  Then, when the "BACK" button was
hit, it would skip any pages on the internal list that had the flag set. 

Thanks for considering this.

Douglas Hartell

Received on Friday, 7 April 2000 03:19:59 UTC