Re: TABLE height?

"And while I'm on the subject... why is WIDTH and HEIGHT deprecated
for TD? What will take the place?"

I believe there are properties for this in CSS. Actually, I think you're
supposed to be able to use CSS-2's absolute positioning instead of tables,
although I think it would be difficult to create a variable-width web page
(i.e. <td width="100%"> to fill the whole browser window) using positioning,
but that's not the proper topic in this list.

Unfortunately, using CSS to define table cell dimensions can't be applied in
real-world web pages yet, because I wouldn't expect it to be implemented in
a large enough number of browsers yet. I'll admit to not having tested it
out myself, but I have a funny feeling Navigator 4.x won't do it. Of course,
that's the browser of choice for people on the Linux platform right now,
until Netscape 6 gets finished, so using this technique may leave all Linux
users in the dark.

However, I applaud the W3C to make decisions like this, because they
acknowledge that presentational markup should never have made it into a spec
in the first place. It takes guts to actually do something about it, which
is what they have already done.

I suppose it was strategic to get these new specs done before the next wave
of web browsers.

Daniel Hiester
Webmaster / Technology Advisor

Received on Friday, 21 April 2000 13:32:25 UTC