Re: word separators (was: Ignoring empty paragraphs)

Maybe I'm being naive, but why couldn't he use <pre> - it that text isn't
already formatted, then I don't know what is!

Failing that, &zwnj; inserted after or before "word-separators" works well
on most browsers.

The discussion on what a "word-separator" is in different languages seems
to me to be redolent of previous discussion - to write good mark-up
requires some knowledge of language/document structure, and so bad mark-up
cannot be eliminated.

--- Daniel Glazman <> wrote:
> Just FYI and information of the other readers : one of my best friends
> is
> a latinist. He had to put on an intranet some weeks ago the exact copy
> of
> a romanian wall inscription where words are separated by a colon.
> Not by whitespaces. It means that the common formatting algos in
> browsers
> don't work and he *has* to insert whitespaces in that quotation. It also
> means that a copy/paste of the quotation is incorrect. I told him that
> some useful whitespaces are not so important ; he became red and
> explained
> me during ten minutes that the original text has no space and Science
> (with
> a big S) needs to show/print the text as it stands on the romanian wall.

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