Re: Modularization of XHTML B.3.4.2

On Fri, 07 Apr 2000 11:53:58 -0400, "Simon St.Laurent"
<> wrote:

>Er, there's a big "TBD" in the DTD here:
>It appears to be the only TBD in this last call DTD, which is a bit odd.

And if we all stop speaking in acronyms, and if the publisher of said
document would be kind enough to use correct publishing methods...
...I'm fairly sure that more people will have a chance to understand
about the (in fact) non geekery that is going on here.

I just get totally frustrated when I need to expand my Opera browser
window from the 800x600 I have it set at, to full screen 1600x1200 to be
able to read W3 stuff without side scrolling. (and it's not the first
time it happens)

W3 _must_ (in the RFC sense of the word) learn themselves how to publish
web documents. Anything else makes W3 look ridiculous...

Many new followers will come from that of course, NOT!

Jan Roland Eriksson <>

Received on Friday, 7 April 2000 18:48:29 UTC