RE: Most compatible, non-stupid ways to style text

It all depends on who you've sketched out to be the target audience, and
where you guess their browser capability is at.

The last site I worked on, because of Netscape 4 being the piece of bloated
crapware that it is, and Microsoft's miscommunication between their mac and
windows engineering teams, we had to create seperate stylesheets for both
browsers and modify them with JSP pending what OS was looking at it, just to
get a uniform look.

If you think you're target audience is slightly behind and still using a 3.0
browser, you can forget stylesheets completely and get familiar with
approximating a design implementation with our good friend, the <font> tag.

My best advice to you is to forget about 3.0 browsers unless you're audience
is from South America or any where north of South Africa (this is based on
actual market research we conducted for the last site I worked on which was
targeted directly at latin america).  Get yourself a mac g4 and sit it right
next to your latest wintel PC and go back and forth with the stylesheets
till you hit a happy medium.  If your designers are anal about making sure
you capture their vision 100% investigate dynamic fonts for both browsers.
Make sure you contrast and compare between all different versions, including
subversions for Netscrape.

Add a dash of salt, shake as desired and enjoy.

Jon Gilkison
Lead Design Technologist
Rare Medium - NYC

Received on Sunday, 30 April 2000 19:47:16 UTC