Re: idea for HTML addition

> A possible solution would be to add something that would alert the
> browser's "BACK" button to NOT just go back one step, but to go back 2
> steps.  This would require mods to the browser's list of sites visited in
> the form of an additional flag bit, which would be set by the keyword in
> the page that causes the auto-forwarding.  Then, when the "BACK"
> button was
> hit, it would skip any pages on the internal list that had the flag set

  Another use of the same feature would allow you to bypass "bad" forms.
Ever filled out a form and entered something wrong? You go to a new page
with that form again and some error messages.  If you "give up" at this
point you should be taken back to the page before the forms, not back to the
broken form.

  Scripting is not an acceptable solution.  Linx style LINK tags are on the
other hand.


Received on Friday, 7 April 2000 08:30:05 UTC