Re: Assistance w/charset

> > > using Netscape 4.6 on Windows NT (& 4.7 on Windows 98)
> >
> >That seems to be the problem. I find that Netscape 4.7 on Win98 doesn't
> >support all the characters listed in the HTML 4.0 spec. It displays
> >ρ as ρ and ρ as a ?.
> This is not a Netscape or MSIE problem.  It will happen on the Mac 
> too, no matter whether you have installed all the fonts available. 

On my machine under NT 4.0, both MSIE 5.01 and Netscape 6 display
ρ correctly.  Since Netscape 6 is based on the Mozilla code, I
suspect that browser would work correctly as well providing the
glyph was available on the OS.  It did take them a while, but they
seem to have gotten around to doing it right.

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Received on Monday, 24 April 2000 16:53:13 UTC