RE: Scales Not (was Re: Modularization of XHTML B.3.4.2)

Sounds very reminiscent of the 80 column green screen debate around Apple ][
e.  Just as fruitful too.

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Subject: Scales Not (was Re: Modularization of XHTML B.3.4.2)

At 12:55a +0200 04/08/00, Jan Roland Eriksson didst inscribe upon an 
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>I just get totally frustrated when I need to expand my Opera browser
>window from the 800x600 I have it set at, to full screen 1600x1200 to be
>able to read W3 stuff without side scrolling. (and it's not the first
>time it happens)

I stopped resizing my browser window years ago. I keep it at 480px 
wide, and if a page doesn't fit, then it ain't worth readin'.

HTML was designed to be device independent, i.e., scalable, therefore 
I expect pages to scale down to my preferred window size (80 columns 
of 9-point Monaco/ProFont). If they don't, then they suck. That's my 

>W3 _must_ (in the RFC sense of the word) learn themselves how to publish
>web documents. Anything else makes W3 look ridiculous...

I agree 100%. (as in width="100%";)


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