Re: Indicating mutli-level back operation required (was: idea for HTM L addition)

On Fri, 7 Apr 2000 16:59:49 +0100 , Dave  J Woolley <>

>	[DJW:]  Lynx didn't invent LINK elements.

No they where "officially" first available in RFC1866, at about the same
time as Lynx came to be a www browser of possible choice.
(it's interesting to note that RFC1866 mentions stylesheets as a
possible LINK target)

>       The fact that it is mainly Lynx that implements them is a
>       warning that there is no point in getting a new feature
>       unless you can win the hearts and minds (bottom lines)
>       of the browser developers.

What we need is; (1) browser developers that understand details of what
they are supposed to do and (2) a management level that understands
about what needs to be done, and why, and from there can forward correct
tasks descriptions to the implementors.

Todays multimillion distributions of "so called" browsers clearly shows
that the blame for lousy performance shall be placed at level (2) above.


>	HTTP is still under IETF control.

Thank God for that...

Jan Roland Eriksson <>

Received on Saturday, 8 April 2000 11:46:29 UTC