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[Bug 13153] New: replaceData() should insert before deleting, to give better range mutation behavior

[Bug 13164] New: Centralize changes to CharacterData so other specs can hook in easily

[Bug 13248] New: Fix lingering cases where data is directly set instead of using "replace data"

[Bug 13250] New: In "replace data", bail out early if the data will be the same

[Bug 13347] New: introduce superglobal id="" and class=""

[Bug 13375] New: Don't define things in terms of attributes

[Bug 13376] New: "Return whether [...]" doesn't cast to a boolean

[Bug 13464] New: Add Element.contains()?

[Bug 13868] New: Define normalize()

[Bug 13912] New: What order are attributes in?

[Bug 13923] New: Use the WebIDL "callback this value" for Event listeners

[Bug 13971] New: Define a renameNode method

[Bug 14017] New: Node.contain shouldn't throw then null is passed as parameter.

[Bug 14035] New: Range + splitText handling is inconsistent

[Bug 14050] New: Need a spec for UIEvent constructor

[Bug 14051] New: Need a spec for MouseEvent

[Bug 14052] New: Need a spec for KeyboardEvent

[Bug 14053] New: Need a spec for WheelEvent

[Bug 14054] New: Need a spec for TextEvent

[Bug 14055] New: Need a spec for CompositionEvent

[Bug 14071] New: [CSSOMVIEW] Screen.{color,pixel}Depth not sufficiently distinguished

[Bug 14072] New: [CSSOMVIEW] Screen.alphaDepth missing

[Bug 14099] New: Automatically define constructors on interfaces that inherit from Event to be event constructors

[Bug 14140] New: Use CaretPosition for range boundary points?

[Bug 14141] New: Introduce a constructor for Range

[Bug 14167] New: lookupNamespaceURI should convert "" to null

[Bug 14168] New: createElementNS and null

[Bug 14183] New: Support createProcessingInstruction in HTML

[Bug 14184] New: hasFeature version should stringify null to ""

[Bug 14197] New: CSSOMVIEW - inconsistent naming convention - media_query_list

[Bug 14205] New: CDATASection support missing from [DOMCORE] (DOM4), but required by HTML5

[Bug 14207] New: ElementCSSInlineStyle needs binding to Element

[Bug 14216] New: getComputedStyle and null

[Bug 14217] New: Use DOMString instead of DOMString? for setProperty

[DOM3 Events] compositionstart shouldn't be cancelable for IME

[DOM3 Events] data of compositionstart dead key examples are wrong

[DOM3 Events] Is KeyboardEvent.getModifierState() enough for web app developers?

[DOM3 Events] Some comments on Basic Event Interfaces

[DOM3Events] CR

[dom3events] event overview - scroll [ISSUE-120]

[DOM3Events] event table forbids e.g. load to dispach on XMLHttpRequest

[DOM3Events] keydown/keyup asymmetry for held keys (key repeating)

[DOM4] EventTarget.dispatchEvent() is synchronous, right?

[DOM4] Use new WebIDL [EnforceRange] attribute?

[DOM4]: Element.create

[DOM] Extensibility

[DOMCore] Comments on tagName case

[DOMCore] createElement() and HTML-specific element interfaces

[DOMCore] default value of id attribute

[DOMCore] error in setAttribute() spec?

[DOMCore] extensions to Event

[DOMCore] getElementsByTagName() bug?

[DOMCore] is an empty namespace always equal to a null namespace?

[DOMCore] Making event initializing easier

[DOMCore] minor wording problem for Document.importNode()

[DOMCore] Node.isEqualNode() and Attr object equality

[DOMCore] setAttribute() and xmlns prefix match

[DOMCore] Traversal

addEventListener and side-effects

Agenda: DOM Level 3 Events Telecon, 17 August 2011

cancelable and bubbles in init*Event

CSS Properties

DOM L3 Events Telecon

DOM Tree

DOM XPath and Text nodes

DOMImplementation.createDocumentType bug?

event constructors and mouse events

Exploring HiFi Events

Focus and focus()/blur() [ISSUE-102]

Free Editor's Draft

Functions that Implement the EventListener Interface (DOM Level 3 Events)

Fwd: Rescinding the DOM 2 View Recommendation?

getElementsByTagName() bug?

ISSUE-111: Add z attribute to mouse events?

ISSUE-112: Whitespace characters are allowed by all browsers in their event names.

ISSUE-113 (resize): Clarify when resize events fire [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-123 (feature strings): Rationale for feature strings [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-124 (reword examples): Remove RFC2119 keywords from examples [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-125 (DOM Views): Consider dropping DOM Views reference for HTML5 defaultView [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-129 (event constructors): Revist event constructors [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-131 (defaultView load ): Define load event to fire on defaultView [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-137 (IME-keypress): Should keypress events fire when using an IME? [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-143 (editorial d3e): DOM3 Events section 3 editorial errors [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-145 (event handler ordering): Ordering event handlers registered by different means [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-146 (capture-phase targets): Capture-phase listeners invoked on targets [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-147 (event re-dispatching): re-dispatching an event that already has its flow started [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-149 (missing key values): The multiply and other key values are missing [DOM3 Events]

ISSUE-153 (wheel delta): Converting wheel events to mousewheel and DOMMouseScroll [DOM3 Events]



ISSUE-171 and ISSUE-172

ISSUE-176: Clarify that event propagation could be applied to other tree like structures than the DOM

ISSUE-178: Implementations and DOM Core allow empty string and null event types

ISSUE-179: DOM Core uses INVALID_STATE_ERR (DOMException) where D3E uses DISPATCH_REQUEST_ERR (EventException)

Mouse vs. Touch Events (was: [DOM3Events] CR)

Mousewheel [ISSUE-122] (was: CfC: to publish a Last Call Working Draft of DOM 3 Events; deadline September 3)

Node append

OpenClass - HTML 5 Workshop (Supported by Opera Software)

Remove the code-point conversion [ISSUE-110]

Rescinding the DOM 2 View Recommendation?

Spec proposals for Event constructors

textInput --> beforeInput [ISSUE-121]

Valid auto-invocation events

WebApps-ISSUE-183 (Compositionstart Cancellation): compositionstart should not be cancellable for IME [DOM3 Events]

WebApps-ISSUE-184 (data for compositionstart): data of compositionstart dead key examples are wrong [DOM3 Events]

WebApps-ISSUE-185 (handleEvent): Functions that Implement the EventListener Interface [DOM3 Events]

§4.4 Dispatching events and "participating in a tree"

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