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On Tue, 06 Sep 2011 21:04:33 +0200, Jacob Rossi  
<> wrote:
> All of the Last Call issues formally raised in our Tracker have been  
> addressed as indicated in our Disposition of Comments [1]. If there are  
> outstanding issues, then they're likely threads on www-dom that got lost  
> in the shuffle. Kindly, can you be more explicit and enumerate the  
> outstanding issues you're awaiting responses for?

It's hard to tell since instead of pointing to the email where I raised  
the issue you point to a tracker issue. I have no idea what the relation  
is between the two.

But e.g. I do not have a reply to these emails in my inbox as far as I can  

Furthermore given the normative changes that have occurred (e.g. to  
event.type) another Last Call is needed where I wanted to note the issues  
I noted elsewhere in this thread, regarding not using Web IDL normatively  
like all our other drafts if they are not addressed by then.

> [1]

Anne van Kesteren

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