RE: [DOM3Events] CR

> On Sun, 04 Sep 2011 17:47:45 +0200, Doug Schepers <>
> wrote:
> > On 9/4/11 9:41 AM, Anne van Kesteren wrote:
> >> I do not think that is appropriate given that unlike all our other
> >> specifications it does not use Web IDL
> >
> > DOM3 Events does provide Web IDL definitions for the interfaces [1];
> > it simply doesn't make them normative, because Web IDL is not yet stable.
> >
> > Should the Web IDL spec reach a stable state in time, we can make the
> > Web IDL definitions normative.
> All our specifications use Web IDL normatively. I do not see why DOM Level
> 3 Events has to be special here.
> >> and we still have not settled how
> >> to deal with exceptions on the web platform.
> >
> > DOM3 Events doesn't change anything about this.  Should a later spec
> > (such as DOM 4 / DOM Core) change how exceptions are handled, and if
> > implementers agree with that change, we can simply issue an erratum
> > for that in DOM3 Events, and publish an updated draft.  This is a
> > minor and common issue... that later specifications supersede previous ones.
> The File API specification has a warning in the specification about this changing.
> I think at a minimum that should be stated.
> These were just two issues that came to mind though, I still have outstanding
> Last Call comments, as do other people.

All of the Last Call issues formally raised in our Tracker have been addressed as indicated in our Disposition of Comments [1]. If there are outstanding issues, then they're likely threads on www-dom that got lost in the shuffle. Kindly, can you be more explicit and enumerate the outstanding issues you're awaiting responses for?



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