Re: Rescinding the DOM 2 View Recommendation?

On Thu, 11 Aug 2011 00:02:56 +0200, Doug Schepers <> wrote:
> After discussion with PLH and Ian Jacobs, and I don't think it's  
> necessary for us to go through the additional overhead of rescinding the  
> DOM 2 View specification.
> Instead, PLH and I support Anne's original proposal to simply update the  
> status section of the spec to point people to the HTML5 spec.  We could  
> add wording like:
> [[
> Updated definitions of the 'document' and 'defaultView' attributes are  
> now defined by the HTML5 specification.  Other concepts in this  
> specification may not be necessary for implementation in general user  
> agents such as Web browsers.
> ]]
> I don't object to rescinding it, I simply prefer the option with the  
> least process necessary.

This works for me and is actually what we decided back in 2009 as Working  
Group and back then Ian Jacobs said it was okay

so I am glad this is acceptable again. Lets do it.


Anne van Kesteren

Received on Saturday, 13 August 2011 10:20:23 UTC