Re: [DOM3Events] CR

> What are the current restrictions in Event.type that are concerning you? 
> As I understand it, there is no normative list for event types, though 
> vendors -may- restrict them. There are strict restrictions for 
> null/empty string types.

Actually, I pointed out in my initial feedback on DOM Core that it allowed empty strings but not null--in contrast to D3E which restricted both. Since this feedback was never presented to D3E, I raised an issue to discuss this on Anne's behalf. After testing implementations and discussion about the merits of the restriction, we determined that no implementation threw exceptions for null and empty string types. The greatest interop was to remove this restriction for both null and empty string.

Change 1.189 attempted to remove this restriction from D3E. However, you've pointed out a stray line that still references this restriction. My apologies that this wasn't removed in the original change. In agreement with the resolution of ISSUE-178, I've updated the spec to remove this line.



Received on Tuesday, 6 September 2011 14:55:57 UTC