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Late Regrets... Alistair Garrison (Saturday, 20 December)

FYI: Fw: Great moment in Europe Sailesh Panchang (Friday, 19 December)

Updated draft of standards harmonization document Judy Brewer (Friday, 19 December)

Society for Technical Communications (STC) Meeting Harvey Bingham (Friday, 19 December)

EOWG: Agenda for 19 December 2003 teleconference Judy Brewer (Friday, 19 December)

scribes list Shawn Lawton Henry (Wednesday, 17 December)

Approved italian law on accessibility Roberto Castaldo (Wednesday, 17 December)

R: Web Accessibility Definition... Roberto Castaldo (Tuesday, 16 December)

regrets for 19 December Shawn Lawton Henry (Tuesday, 16 December)

Definition Withdrawn... Alistair Garrison (Monday, 15 December)

Web Accessibility Definition... Alistair Garrison (Sunday, 14 December)

EOWG/WSTF: First Name - Changes for... Charmane K. Corcoran (Friday, 12 December)

Regrets... Alistair Garrison (Friday, 12 December)

to minuters Shawn Lawton Henry (Thursday, 11 December)

Regrets Roberto Castaldo (Thursday, 11 December)

Outreach Updates Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Thursday, 11 December)

regrets for Dec. 12 and Dec. 19 Libby Cohen (Wednesday, 10 December)

Outreach and regrets Chuck Letourneau (Wednesday, 10 December)

EOWG: Agenda for 12 December 2003 Teleconference Shawn Lawton Henry (Wednesday, 10 December)

Outreach updates Jon Dodd - Bunnyfoot (Monday, 8 December)

Outreach Emond, Elizabeth (Friday, 5 December)

RE: UK Developer Certification (BWDMA) Julie.Howell@rnib.org.uk (Friday, 5 December)

UK Developer Certification Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Friday, 5 December)

Outreach updates and regrets Roberto Castaldo (Friday, 5 December)

Presenting the Case for Web Accessibility: Financial Factors michaeka@wellsfargo.com (Friday, 5 December)

EOWG: Agenda for 5 December 2003 Teleconference Judy Brewer (Thursday, 4 December)

updated bcase Financial Factors page Shawn Lawton Henry (Tuesday, 2 December)

Outreach update - november 28 Roberto Castaldo (Saturday, 29 November)

RE: Outreach Updates - November 17 Gillen, Lori (Monday, 24 November)

Outreach Updates - 12th november Roberto Castaldo (Monday, 24 November)

Draft Quick Tips generalization for WCAG 2 Harvey Bingham (Thursday, 20 November)

reminder: next teleconference Friday 5 December Shawn Lawton Henry (Wednesday, 12 November)

Presenting the Case for Web Accessibility: Financial Factors: Intro Charmane K. Corcoran (Sunday, 30 November)

Outreach updates Helle Bjarnø (Friday, 7 November)

apologies Jon Dodd - Bunnyfoot (Friday, 7 November)

Re: EOWG: Agenda for 7 November 2003 - outreach Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Friday, 7 November)

7 November telcon: Regrets Roberto Castaldo (Thursday, 6 November)

EOWG: Agenda for 7 November 2003 Teleconference Shawn Lawton Henry (Thursday, 6 November)

replies to edits for Financial Factors Shawn Lawton Henry (Thursday, 6 November)

Late Regrets Alistair Garrison (Monday, 3 November)

Standards harmonization Roberto Castaldo (Saturday, 1 November)

Technical regrets Roberto Castaldo (Friday, 31 October)

Investment considerations Jon Dodd (Friday, 31 October)

EOWG: Agenda for 31 October 2003; NOTE TIME Judy Brewer (Thursday, 30 October)

Contributions for the next meeting and regrets Emond, Elizabeth (Thursday, 30 October)

Financial factors - benefits Sailesh Panchang (Monday, 27 October)

Financial factors- Investment Considerations Sailesh Panchang (Monday, 27 October)

Regrets for today Helle Bjarnø (Friday, 24 October)

Regrets Alistair Garrison (Friday, 24 October)

Today's meeting regrets Roberto Castaldo (Friday, 24 October)

Economic factors - headings & search engine Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Friday, 24 October)

EOWG: Agenda for 24 October 2003 Teleconference Shawn Lawton Henry (Thursday, 23 October)

W3C EOWG: Regrets 10/24 Charmane K. Corcoran (Thursday, 1 January)

EOWG: Reminder NO teleconference Friday 17 October 2003 Shawn Lawton Henry (Wednesday, 15 October)

Standards harmonization Alan Chuter (Sunday, 12 October)

Possible best practices exchange in Madrid Alan Chuter (Friday, 10 October)

EOWG: Agenda for 10 October 2003 Teleconference Judy Brewer (Thursday, 9 October)

EOWG: pre-reading for 10 October 2003 Teleconference Shawn Lawton Henry (Thursday, 9 October)

Your contact info Katie Haritos-Shea (Wednesday, 8 October)

standards references Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Tuesday, 7 October)

Late regrets Roberto Castaldo (Friday, 3 October)

More on Web standards Chuck Letourneau (Friday, 3 October)

regrets Shadi Abou-Zahra (Friday, 3 October)

Regrets Jon Dodd (Friday, 3 October)

Sorry, I have to regret also this week Henk Snetselaar (Friday, 3 October)

Updated draft of benefits of standards harmonization Judy Brewer (Friday, 3 October)

Re: EOWG: 3 October 2003 Teleconference - Outreach Update Andrew.Arch@visionaustralia.org.au (Thursday, 2 October)

EOWG: Agenda for 3 October 2003 Teleconference Judy Brewer (Thursday, 2 October)

News from Europe... Alistair Garrison (Thursday, 2 October)

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