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RE: Standards harmonization

From: Roberto Castaldo <r.castaldo@iol.it>
Date: Sun, 2 Nov 2003 12:24:57 +0100
To: "'William Loughborough'" <love26@gorge.net>, <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Message-ID: <0a43a01351102b3ITNSMTP91@portalis.it>

> On the other hand, the WAI (and by extension its EOWG) is specifically 
> chartered to deal with this matter from the point of view of PWD, hence 
> the constant (for several years anyway) spectacle of this point being 
> addressed, re-addressed, and sort of endlessly hashed over.

If you're only talking about phisical and cognitive disabilities, I must say
that "Access by everyone regardless of disability" doesn't mean that;
people, common people, usually identify PWD with phisical and cognitive
disabilities, but for us it is not correct (of course it's simply my
opinion). We should include and consider technological, social, cultural and
economic disabilities which have a deep influence on the internet diffusiom
and use all over the world. For example, Web accessibility and WAI working
groups cannot avoid to think about third world users and mobile equipments.
"Access by everyone", i believe, should not mean "let's enlarge the web to
PWD too", but "let's build up a better web, where everyone can access
informations and services, including PWD".

> In general the final conclusion is that, for better or for worse, 
> the decision has been (and probably continues to be) that our client base 
> is purposely restricted to (and our efforts focused on) PWD

Sincerely, I cannot agree with this conclusion; universality does'n mean
this. Please, believe that I don't want to neglect PWD problematics, but I
include PWD into the whole internet community; every web surfer has the
right to fully make use of informations and services that internet can
provide them! Every one, including PWD.
And this is the official IWA/HWG position in all WAI Working Groups. 

Anyway, I was simply pointing my attention an our document, and putting the
stress on its target: the document should explain everybody why standard
harmonization is essential not only for PWD, but for everyone who uses the
web. And my purpose is quite easy to achieve: with few modifications in the
introduction and in Key Role of Authoring Tools chapters, the whole document
should acquire a wider vision of accessibility benefits.

My best regards,

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