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replies to edits for Financial Factors

From: Shawn Lawton Henry <shawn@w3.org>
Date: Wed, 5 Nov 2003 19:48:40 -0600
To: "EOWG (E-mail)" <w3c-wai-eo@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000001c3a408$1a5f6960$08827544@SLHenry>

> Suggest adding the word "additional".  Sentence would read: 
> "Once an organization has integrated accessibility into its 
> infrastructure, there are usually few additional costs 
> associated with accessibility at the project level.
> (I believe the economic cost concept being conveyed here is 
> 'fixed costs' are now determined so this reduces 'variable 
> costs' significantly.)

SLH: edited based on this & Sailesh's comment

(kinda - costs are fixed costs at org level as well as training &  such
also as org level, as opposed to lots of additional costs for  each new

> Initial Investment
> I am not sure my suggested rewording is staying within the 
> style of the paragraph but I think the last sentence under 
> this heading needs expansion on the thought being  conveyed.  
> Suggest replacing: "The outright costs and human resource  and 
> time costs lead to other benefits described throughout this 
> resource suite."
> Sentence would read: The investment in initial costs and 
> increased human resource involvement as well as increased 
> time commitments to produce and incorporate, lead to other 
> benefits.  These ancillary benefits are described throughout 
> this resource suite.

SLH: I took it out all together, based on other comment.

> Potential initial capital expenditures include:
> - Suggest adding the word "Development" after Accessibility 
> in two places of the first bulleted item.
> The sentence would read:
> Accessibility development and evaluation tools - 

SLH: Covered that in "Upgrading technologies and tools"

> Sentence becomes:
For example, using style sheets (CSS) requires CSS  knowledge.  Gaining
this knowledge increases initial  development and testing time to ensure
interface interactions  and cross-browser support. Long-term costs can
be  significantly reduced by the efficiencies incorporated in working
with one file to implement global changes.

SLH: took the benefits out of this section, based on other  comments

> First paragraph can we highlight 'result in cost savings 
> later'. + it gets 
> rather lost in the sentence. To make this more direct we 

SLH: took it out of this section altogether, based on other  comments
abot not repeating the point here

> First paragraph - 'Organisational level' & Project level' are 
> somewhat 
> ambiguous - to me - what exactly do these mean?

SLH: added "rather than costs required for each individual  project" so
it now says: "Most of the costs are early  investments at an
organization level, rather than costs required  for each individual
project. There are usually few costs  associated with accessibility at
the project level once  accessibility is integrated in Web development
throughout the  organization."

> Minor point - punctuation after each 'human resource related 
> costs' bullet 
> points.

SLH: changed to <DL> with full sentences

> retrofitting - Agreed that retrofitting is not the right way 
> to go about 
> things, however in the real world it is often the only 
> solution in the 
> short and medium term. In this case we should not put  people 
> off actioning 
> improved accessibility to existing sites. Can we point out 
> that: yes its 
> not the ideal but improved accessibility in existing sites is 
> worthwhile 
> and will go someway towards laying the foundations for  when 
> it is practical 
> to incorporate accessibility as an integrated part of more  extensive 
> redevelopment.

SLH: seems a bit too detailed. Does the rewrite make it less of  an

> Upgrade costs - agree that the associated decrease in 
> maintenance time of 
> CSS should be included.

SLH: based on previous comments, too it out of this section  altogether 
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