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Contributions for the next meeting and regrets

From: Emond, Elizabeth <EmondEA@state.gov>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 13:39:40 -0500
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I have a personal commitment tomorrow AM but still want to contribute to the
meeting.  Please accept the following comments.


Last sentence of the first paragraph:

Suggest adding the word "additional".  Sentence would read: "Once an
organization has integrated accessibility into its infrastructure, there are
usually few additional costs associated with accessibility at the project

(I believe the economic cost concept being conveyed here is 'fixed costs'
are now determined so this reduces 'variable costs' significantly.)

Initial Investment

I am not sure my suggested rewording is staying within the style of the
paragraph but I think the last sentence under this heading needs expansion
on the thought being conveyed.  

Suggest replacing: "The outright costs and human resource and time costs
lead to other benefits described throughout this resource suite."

Sentence would read: The investment in initial costs and increased human
resource involvement as well as increased time commitments to produce and
incorporate, lead to other benefits.  These ancillary benefits are described
throughout this resource suite.

Potential initial capital expenditures include:

- Suggest adding the word "Development" after Accessibility in two places of
the first bulleted item.

The sentence would read:
Accessibility development and evaluation tools -  

(I am thinking of the development tool called "Lift". It is a plug-in by
Macromedia for their product called Dreamweaver.  It is promoted as: "an
add-on product for developing accessible and usable Web sites within
Macromedia Dreamweaver"  <http://www.creativepro.com/story/news/20233.html>
(<http://www.macromedia.com/macromedia/accessibility/usablenet.html>) It is
not a stand-alone product. (Semantics on: authoring vs. development tools?))

- Additional thoughts in agreement with the last sentence statement:
(although it usually decreases maintenance time and costs in the long

Agree that placing all style elements into a .css file will decrease both
development and maintenance time which affects long run costs (for example:
without a .css file developers will have to go to each page, one at a time,
to find then change font style/size/color etc.  If these are called through
a .css file the change occurs in this file only.  Implementation will be

Sentence becomes:
For example, using style sheets (CSS) requires CSS knowledge.  Gaining this
knowledge increases initial development and testing time to ensure interface
interactions and cross-browser support. Long-term costs can be significantly
reduced by the efficiencies incorporated in working with one file to
implement global changes.

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