Possible best practices exchange in Madrid

So we can discuss this option in the meeting today, here are some notes
about organising a meeting in Madrid in February.

In February 2004 there will be a conference and exhibition "Mundo Internet
2004" (Internet World 2004). This will generate a lot of media coverage and
attract people from across the country. It would be a good idea to hold a
meeting at the same time and try to attract visitors from it. WAI-EO members
wouldn't visit the exhibition.

The dates are Wednesday 11 to Friday 13 February 2004 (that's not unlucky in
Spain, here it's Tuesday 13th). The meeting takes place in Madrid at the
Palacio de Congresos in the centre of town. This is the same venue that was
used for last year's disability and technology conference attended by Judy.
We (Teleservicios) have applied provisonally to present a paper which could
serve to connect with the WAI-EO event. The exhibition appears to oriented
toward promoting commerical products and the cost of renting a whole room
would be prohibitive. There's information in Spanish at:

For the WG meeting I suggest we use a room in the Pio XII Hotel:

And for the best practices exchange we can use the ONCE auditorium (500 pax)
or the ONCE Foundation auditorium (50 pax). I can't find any online
information about these venues.

best regards,

Alan Chuter.
Accessibility Consultant.
Fundosa Teleservicios, SA
Fundación ONCE.
Tel:+34 91 121 03 35

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