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At 08:06 PM 11/1/2003 +0100, Roberto Castaldo wrote:
>...not only with people with disabilities. And I think we should emphasize 

On the one hand: AMEN!

On the other hand, the WAI (and by extension its EOWG) is specifically 
chartered to deal with this matter from the point of view of PWD, hence the 
constant (for several years anyway) spectacle of this point being 
addressed, re-addressed, and sort of endlessly hashed over.

If you want to study the history of this discussion you can find a lot 
about it in the archives of this working group and perhaps even more 
extensively in the WCAG and ATAG working groups. We go over it, and over 
it, and... In general the final conclusion is that, for better or for 
worse, the decision has been (and probably continues to be) that our client 
base is purposely restricted to (and our efforts focused on) PWD. Issues of 
usability by everybody are mentioned, but deliberately not emphasized, and 
I think that's how it's gotta be.


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