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referrer directive expressiveness David Bruant (Thursday, 30 January)

Processing of meta element David Bruant (Thursday, 30 January)

CSP 1.1 referrer + meta >= <meta name="referrer"> ? David Bruant (Thursday, 30 January)

(nonce | hash) Neil Matatall (Wednesday, 29 January)

Agenda for 2014-01-28 Telecon. NOTE: new time, 1600 UTC Eric Rescorla (Wednesday, 29 January)

Security Review of Network Service Discovery (Tuesday, 28 January)

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W3C WebAppSec WG Meeting Hill, Brad (Thursday, 23 January)

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[webappsec] New WG Teleconference Time Brad Hill (Thursday, 23 January)

Re: Sub-origins David Bruant (Thursday, 23 January)

CfC to publish new WD of CSP 1.1 Mike West (Monday, 20 January)

Re: Are CSP directives case insensitive? John Wong (Friday, 17 January)

[webappsec] Disambiguating some subresource integrity use-cases Brad Hill (Friday, 17 January)

Invitation to connect on LinkedIn Sandeep Kamble (Friday, 17 January)

[integrity] Downloads Michal Zalewski (Thursday, 16 January)

errata link broken Steve Faulkner (Thursday, 16 January)

CSP 1.1: What remains open (and important)? Mike West (Thursday, 16 January)

Beacon and CSP Ian Melven (Wednesday, 15 January)

webappsec-ISSUE-56 (child src navigation): Should we restrict subsequent navigation within child-src? [CSP 1.1] Web Application Security Working Group Issue Tracker (Tuesday, 14 January)

[integrity]: latency tradeoffs Adam Langley (Tuesday, 14 January)

Re: Hashes/Nonce Source and unsafe-inline Neil Matatall (Tuesday, 14 January)

CSP Transition Tools Garrett Robinson (Monday, 13 January)

[cors] Add 'Range' to simple headers Steven Robertson (Monday, 13 January)

[webappsec] Agenda for Teleconference, 14 Jan 2014 Brad Hill (Monday, 13 January)

[integrity]: CSS-loaded resources. Mike West (Saturday, 11 January)

Comments on Subresource Integrity Anne van Kesteren (Saturday, 11 January)

Re: "Subresource Integrity" spec up for review. Mike West (Saturday, 11 January)

[CORS] Does the Authorization header qualify as a CORS credential? Vladimir Dzhuvinov (Friday, 10 January)

How CSP is affected by HTML Imports (or vice versa) Frederik Braun (Thursday, 9 January)

Origin-scoped cache/cookie/storage context Anne van Kesteren (Thursday, 9 January)

[integrity]: Origin confusion attacks. Mike West (Thursday, 9 January)

Re: Subresource Integrity and fingerprinting Devdatta Akhawe (Thursday, 9 January)

Subresource Integrity strawman. Mike West (Wednesday, 8 January)

New poll: Europe-friendly teleconference time Brad Hill (Tuesday, 7 January)

Holiday changes to the CSP 1.1 editor's draft. Mike West (Friday, 3 January)

Re: GitHub? GitHub. Mike West (Friday, 3 January)

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