Re: Subresource Integrity strawman.

>> What would be the behavior of clicking on a non-download link with the
>> integrity parameter specified? What would happen if this link is
>> opened in a new window? It seems that it may be difficult to behave
>> consistently in this case (e.g., how to handle right-click + "open in
>> an incognito window" in Chrome?).
> The intent is for nothing interesting to happen if the resource isn't being
> treated as a download.

OK, so let's say we have download + integrity - what happens on a
right-click + open in a new window / open in an incognito window?

It feels that it's going to be hard for implementations to enforce
integrity consistently on any clickable links; <script> and similar
subresources seem a lot more straightforward.


Received on Wednesday, 8 January 2014 21:58:32 UTC