Re: CSP Transition Tools

On Wed, Jan 15, 2014 at 10:25 AM, Frederik Braun <> wrote:

> There was a very good bachelor's thesis at the Ruhr University of
> Bochum, in which the author also wrote a reverse proxy that collects
> inline items and generates external files for them (using a learning & a
> production mode).
> The tool is available at, and I can
> surely find the thesis PDF if this is interesting enough and I start
> some additional digging ;)
I was thinking about something (very) similar that would integrate into
current development frameworks (e.g. a Django/RoR app), and would add CSP
auto-magically. Rather than externalizing inlined scripts (which can cause
issues, at least in theory), such a plugin could use hashes/nonces to
enable all the scripts that are present in the initial templates.

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