Re: [cors] Add 'Range' to simple headers

On Mon, Jan 13, 2014 at 7:52 PM, Steven Robertson <> wrote:
> The application I work on is latency-sensitive and uses the Media Source API
> in concert with XHR to download media bytes. In order to avoid the latency
> cost of a preflight to each host in our CDN, we have developed a workaround
> where we use a 'range=' query arg to subset an existing resource. This
> workaround is suboptimal, and we would prefer to use a Range header, but the
> latency impact of the extra request has a significant impact on quality of
> experience.
> What are your thoughts regarding the addition of 'Range' as a simple request
> header to allow for this use-case?

So in this scenario you set the Range header yourself using XMLHttpRequest?

It would allow for
to be carried out in a distributed manner. E.g.
could use it to DDOS or some such. Cannot see
much harm other than that.


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