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Announcement of Calls for Objections on ISSUE-219 Ninja Marnau (Wednesday, 25 June)

No TPWG call July 2, CFO on ISSUE-170 response postponed to July 9 Justin Brookman (Wednesday, 25 June)

link shorteners etc. Walter van Holst (Wednesday, 25 June)

ISSUE-99 Ninja Marnau (Wednesday, 25 June)

issure-219 Mike O'Neill (Wednesday, 25 June)

Data minimization (ISSUES-31, 199, 211, 220, 223) Mike O'Neill (Tuesday, 24 June)

Data minimization (ISSUES-31, 199, 211, 220, 223) Justin Brookman (Tuesday, 24 June)

Agenda for June 25 TPWG call Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 24 June)

ISSUE-219 (context separation) Justin Brookman (Thursday, 19 June)

Announcement of Calls for Objections on ISSUE-170 Ninja Marnau (Wednesday, 18 June)

Agenda for June 18 TPWG call Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 17 June)

issue-170 Mike O'Neill (Wednesday, 11 June)

ISSUE-203: use of tracking in Compliance Roy T. Fielding (Wednesday, 11 June)

Agenda for June 11 TPWG call Ninja Marnau (Monday, 9 June)

ISSUE-219 (Limitations on use in a 3rd party context of data collected in a 1st party context) Justin Brookman (Thursday, 5 June)

Re: [ISSUE-206] Service Provider (and related ISSUE-219 question) Justin Brookman (Thursday, 5 June)

issue-170 Mike O'Neill (Wednesday, 4 June)

Batch closing of obsolete issues Justin Brookman (Tuesday, 3 June)

Re: Issue-170 Ninja Marnau (Tuesday, 3 June)

Agenda for June 4 TPWG call Ninja Marnau (Monday, 2 June)

Testing…. John Simpson (Monday, 2 June)

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