ISSUE-219 (context separation)

As we discussed on the call this week, we are narrowing in on two options on how to deal with first parties using their data in different, third-party contexts under Do Not Track.

The current proposals are to stay silent on the issue --- effectively permitting first parties to use data in third-party contexts.

The second option, proposed by Walter van Holst, proposes new language and would prohibit third parties from personalizing content based on old first-party data.  His amendment states that when a third party receives a DNT:1 signal, 

the third party MUST NOT use data about previous network interactions outside of the permitted uses as defined within this recommendation and any explicitly-granted exceptions, provided in accordance with the requirements of this recommendation.

If anyone has a friendly amendment to Walter's language, please propose it!  Otherwise, we will go to a call for objection on this issue next week.

Received on Thursday, 19 June 2014 16:47:47 UTC