Batch closing of obsolete issues

Working Group members:

Having gone through a bunch of the open or raised issues in the tracker, I think there are a number that can be batch-closed as redundant or no longer relevant to our work.  I propose that we close the issues below without further discussion or modification of the specification.  If you object to closing any of these issues, please respond to the public mailing list within two weeks' time.  We have a full agenda tomorrow, but I will reserve some time at the end of the call for questions (or, as always, you can ask any questions on the list).

ISSUE-45 Companies making public commitments with a "regulatory hook" for US legal purposes
This issue has been addressed by the tracking status value and tracking status representation requirements in the TPE.

ISSUE-119 Specify "not tracking" or "None"
We have addressed this through the N signal in the TPE.

ISSUE-178 Permitted Use Marketing
ISSUE-180 Permitted Use Advertising
These issues were raised to make a rhetorical point at the Amsterdam face-to-face meeting, and DMA previously indicated that they were not interested in pursuing these additions to TCS.  The group will still consider the proposals from NAI that Jack Hobaugh presented in October, including, inter alia, removing the "no personalization" requirement and defining "web browsing history."

ISSUE-181  Finalize language regarding multiple first parties
We addressed this in the definition of parties, adopted in both TPE and TCS.

ISSUE-228 Revise the Network Interaction definition
We addressed this in the definition of network interaction, adopted in both TPE and TCS.

ISSUE-229 Adjustment to Party definition. Short description: Replace "single user interaction" with "user interaction"
This edits was incorporated into the options for party presented in the CfO earlier this year.

Justin Brookman
Director, Consumer Privacy
Center for Democracy & Technology

Received on Tuesday, 3 June 2014 18:15:38 UTC