RE: issue-170

Hi Chris, Bryan

The explicitly-granted phrase came from the existing TCS (4.2 Third Party
Compliance). I agree "explicit" seems redundant and we should use a
consistent term but that is how the TCS talks about it, which is why I used

The TCS is about compliance by servers not UAs, and here a lot more servers
out there than there are UAs, so IMO it is appropriate to require clarity
and completeness given the widespread current practice of bamboozling users
with unreadable legalese in privacy policies. UAs do not do that in my
experience and if any tried we would all be complaining about it.


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> This group has been historically resistant to requirements on the UI of a
> UA. For example, Alan and I (and others) proposed a set of requirements on
> the UI for UAs setting/sending DNT:1. We had proposed that the user be
> properly informed about the choice they were making before setting DNT:1.
> Essentially what we were proposing was the choice be ³clearly and
> comprehensively explained² before the DNT:1 signal was set.  As I recall,
> our proposal was largely rejected. So now, as I understand it, folks who
> rejected our similar proposal for the setting of DNT:1, want those rules
> applied for the setting of DNT:0, to servers?
> Also, it seems this proposal wants to change some long-standing
> terminology. User-granted-exception (UGE) is now ³an explicitly-granted
> exception²?  This semantic change seems unnecessary‹ the definition of UGE
> should suffice to inform the reader of this spec what it is, so if you
> want it to include the word ³explicitly², then I think that word would be
> better incorporated in the definition itself (though I¹m not entirely
> supportive of this move, personally). And by the way, what is an
> non-explicitly-granted exception??  In my mind, a UGE is a UGE, per it¹s
> definition.
> Chris Mejia
> On 6/4/14, 8:28 AM, "Ninja Marnau" <> wrote:
> >Mike, I updated your proposal in the wiki.
> >
> >Jack, do you think the text proposal is now more balanced for DNT;0 and
> >UGE?
> >
> >Ninja
> >
> >Am 04.06.14 14:38, schrieb Mike O'Neill:
> >> If a 1st Party receives a request with DNT:0 set then data regarding
> >>the user MAY be used or shared but, if the header signal resulted from
> >>an explicitly-granted exception, only for the purposes that were clearly
> >>and comprehensively explained when the exception was granted.
> >
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