Re: ISSUE-219 (context separation)

Fully support Walter's language. 

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John M. Simpson
Privacy Project Director
Consumer Watchdog

> On Jun 24, 2014, at 3:29 PM, Walter van Holst <> wrote:
>> On 24/06/2014 17:57, Ninja Marnau wrote:
>> Hi John, hi Mike,
>> we wil probably start a Call for objections on the topic of context
>> separation this wee. Could you take a look at Walter's proposal to see
>> whether it does reflect your text for data append and first parties: "A
>> Party MUST NOT use data gathered while a 1st Party when operating as a
>> 3rd Party.”
>> Here is the link to Walter's text:
> Mike, John and I have had a fruitful discussion, which resulted in a
> more precise wording of what I wanted to achieve and I have updated the
> text accordingly to:
> "... the third party MUST NOT use data gathered in another context about
> the user, other than with their explicit consent or for permitted uses
> as defined within this recommendation."
> I feel this is a make-or-break issue for the compliance specification
> which on top of the privacy issue also has competition implications. A
> strong separation between 1st and 3rd party roles is a must for this
> compliance specification to be credible.
> Regards,
> Walter

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