ISSUE-219 (Limitations on use in a 3rd party context of data collected in a 1st party context)

Yesterday on the call, we discussed ISSUE-219, whether you can use data previously collected as a first party in different contexts.  For example, if a user browses loafers on, can use that data to target an ad on (either through its own advertising platform, or through an intermediary)?

Here is the current Wiki:

The two proposals from Alan Chapell and Walter van Holst are effectively the same: both say that you can't use old first-party data in new contexts.  If Alan and Walter would work to merge these two proposals into one, that would be helpful.

The other current proposal from Rob Sherman is just to retain the current TCS text, which does not prohibit use of first-party data in new contexts.

If someone wants to advocate for a third way, please do so!  There is one other old proposal (from Yianni Lagos) in the wiki that would require CLEAR BRANDING on content personalized with first-party data to provide some transparency to the user (who might otherwise be surprised and confused by the content personalization despite the Do Not Track setting).  Also, we had previously discussed the idea that data provided while LOGGED INTO a service might be OK in other contexts, but not merely data collected when an unauthenticated user is browsing the site.  There is no current text proposal reflecting this idea, however.

If anyone wants to offer up a new text proposal, please do so by the call next Wednesday.

Received on Thursday, 5 June 2014 19:23:27 UTC