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(lack of)earl report

another small error

Are empty R2RML mappings valid?

Bug in DM test D024?

Direct Mapping in D2RQ v0.8.1

EARL report for D2RQ (DM only)

First EARL report for Virtuoso's support of R2RML ( rdb2rdf.vad ) with Virtuoso itself as a data source.

Fwd: issues with RDB engines/dialects IRIs for EARL results

implementation report for SWObjects' dm-materialize

issues with RDB engines/dialects IRIs for EARL results

Meeting minutes 2012-06-12

Meeting minutes 2012-06-19

Meeting on 2012-06-05 CANCELLED

Minor example fixes in DM

New EARL report for Ultrawrap: PostgreSQL and Oracle

R2RML Implementation

R2RML test suite bugs

RDB2RDF Implementation Report

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2012-06-12 meeting 1600 UTC

RDB2RDF WG agenda for 2012-06-19 meeting 1600 UTC

rr:template value that would create invalid IRIs

small editorial changes in DM spec

TCs updated

TCs, TH software updated, an earl report example

test impls of r2rml?

Today's RDB2RDF WG meeting cancelled

Ultrawrap earl reports

XSPARQL implementation reports

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