Re: First EARL report for Virtuoso's support of R2RML ( rdb2rdf.vad ) with Virtuoso itself as a data source.


That's excellent news, thanks! I've updated [1] with it - Boris, pls take this into account for the IR.



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On 28 Jun 2012, at 22:49, Ivan Mikhailov wrote:

> Hello,
> The attached report is incomplete because I'm still writing th test
> driver. E.g. if R2RML rules mention graph then it is handled according
> to the spec but in that case I need a comparison for lists of quads to
> check the result automatically, I compare only triples ATM so such tests
> remains not listed.
> In addition, Virtuoso provides separate validator for R2RML descriptions
> and a separate translator from R2RML to proprietary mapping rules
> (so-called "RDF Views". Obviously, there's no way to demonstrate via
> EARL whether this validation really works, but it is.
> We've implemented DirectMapping as well but that results are not
> included into this EARL. Again, it's an incomplete test driver.
> I will submit more EARLs later.
> Best Regards,
> Ivan Mikhailov
> OpenLink Software
> P.S. The test suite has "create.sql" scripts but no "drop.sql" to revert
> the database to its original state. To make tests re-entrant I've
> generated "drop" sequences automatically, but ready-to-use "drop.sql"
> would be nicer, esp. for cases with foreign keys. It would be convenient
> to provide names to constraints, too.
> <Rdb2RdfW3c1206_virtuoso_earl.ttl>

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