R2RML test suite bugs

Hi Boris,

I've spotted a few bugs in the R2RML test suite. I've used the latest test suite from hg. One bug makes the test mapping invalid. A couple others violate SHOULD-level requirements without a good reason.


== R2RMLTC0014b ==

The mapping file contains the following SQL query as an R2RML view:

       SELECT ('http://example.com/emp/' || "empno") AS empURI
            , "empno"
            , "ename"
            , ('http://example.com/emp/job/'|| "job") AS jobTypeURI
            , "job"
            , deptno
            , ('http://example.com/emp/etype/'|| "etype") AS empTypeURI
            , "etype"
            , ('http://example.com/graph/'|| "job" || '/' || "etype") AS graphURI
       FROM "EMP"

deptno needs to be enclosed in double quotes to match the table definition. 

== R2RMLTC0005a ==
== R2RMLTC0011a ==
== R2RMLTC0013a ==

They use the following template:


Such templates SHOULD NOT be used because “-” is not a safe separator if fname or lname ever contains a dash:

I suggest replacing the dashes with any IRI delim or sub-delim character, for example:


== R2RMLTC0005b ==
== R2RMLTC0012a ==
== R2RMLTC0012b ==
== R2RMLTC0012e ==

They use templates like the following:


Such templates SHOULD NOT be used. The empty string is not a safe separator. Strings generated from such templates cannot be reversed.

I suggest adding a separator that is unlikely to occur in the used columns, for example:


== R2RMLTC0006a ==
== R2RMLTC0014c ==

Both use term maps with rr:constant, and specify an rr:termType:

   rr:objectMap [ rr:constant "Bad Student"; rr:termType rr:Literal; ]

Specifying rr:termType has no effect on a constant-valued term map. It only affects column- and template-valued term maps:

This is because the term type for a constant-valued term map is simply determined by the constant node. "Bad Student" is a literal, so the resulting term is a literal.

As the spec states: “An R2RML mapping graph SHOULD NOT include IRIs from the R2RML vocabulary where such use is not explicitly allowed or required by a clause in this specification.” Hence I suggest removing these rr:termType triples.

Received on Saturday, 30 June 2012 14:08:07 UTC