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comments on Data on the Web Best Practices

Comments on Data on the Web Best Practices: BP-1 & BP-2

comments on DUV and some proposals

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data quality vocabulary - dimensions

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Document updated with raised issues before publishing it

DQV Comments


dwbp-ISSUE-167 (Date & Numeric formats): DCAT lacking in date, time and number formats [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-168 (Dataset versioning): Dataset versioning [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-169: Should usage be specified at the Dataset or Distribution level? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-170: Should we use Software or earl:Software instead of duv:Application? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-171: Should dct:creator or doap:developer be used instead of duv:developedBy? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-172: Should duv:generates be removed? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-173: The use of cito:CitationAct and duv:Citation should be reviewed. [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-174: The meaning of duv:retains is not clear. More examples should be provided and its use should be reviewed. [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-175: Shouldn't duv:DatasetCorrection be a dcat:Dataset as well? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-176: Should prov:SoftwareAgent be used instead of Application/WebOfThing? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-177: Should duv:consumes be used instead of duv:consumed? Should we be able to reify Consumption? [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-178: The definition of duv:Feedback needs to be reviewed because it is not clear if it should be a subclass of oa:Annotation or just an instance of oa:Motivation. [Data Usage Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-179: The Working Group is considering to put all new classes and properties (together with the ones of the Data Usage Vocabulary) in the DCAT namespace. [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-180: Are we actually allowed by W3C to re-use elements from DAQ? [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-181: Should we have only the existing class daq:QualityGraph or keep the new class dqv:QualityMetadata? [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-182: The label of daq:QualityGraph does not fit well with the current model [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-183: We may want to consider a revision of DCAT to make dcat:Dataset and dcat:Distribution subclasses of prov:Entity [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-184: Is an dqv:ServiceLevelAgreement a kind of certificate, or a standard? [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-185: dqv:QualityAnnotation modeling issues [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-186: There might be no need for a subclass link between dqv:QualityMeasure and daq:Observation. I.e., we could re-use daq:Observation directly. [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-187: Do we want to keep the same occurrence constraints as defined in DAQ (for example, that every metric should belong to exactly one dimension)? [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-188: Section "Express the quality of a linkset" will be completed by examples coming from Riccardo's work on measuring the quality of linksets between SKOS concept schemes [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-189: Aether VoID extension uses a different from the pattern that DQV inherits from DAQ [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-190: "official" DQV reqs vs the implementation of our best practices (cf. the "5 stars" thread). [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-191: Backward compatibility with DAQ and Data Cube [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

dwbp-ISSUE-192: How to represent the relationship between a dataset and its different versions? Is PAV a good solution to track dataset versioning? [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-193 (annette_g): Data Versioning [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-194 (annette_g): Data Identification [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-195 (annette_g): Provide data up to date [Best practices document(s)]

dwbp-ISSUE-196 (annette_g): Data enrichment [Best practices document(s)]

Enrichment document

Fwd: Agenda for tomorrow's call

Fwd: FW: Re: dwbp-ISSUE-184: Is an dqv:ServiceLevelAgreement a kind of certificate, or a standard? [Quality & Granularity Vocabulary]

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Minor changes suggested for BP

My comments on DUV

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