RE: reviewing the BP doc

Maybe to summarise a main question in my message of last Friday:

Does DCAT (a) imply that all Distributions of a Dataset contain the same
data points and only differ in format or access method/end point, or does it
(b) allow Distributions of a Dataset to contain data that is similar in
nature (such as annual budgets for different years)?

This was the main question a group that I am involved in was not able to


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		Sent: 19 June 2015 11:41
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		Subject: RE: reviewing the BP doc

		Just on the issue of data versioning:

		> * Data Versioning
		> The chart describes time series data, not versions of
data. I would say that, if
		> released independently, the items in yellow each represent
a different
		> dataset (they report different data points), not a
different version. If you
		> revised any of them, then the original and the revision
would be different
		> versions. I think by definition, versions attempt to
report the same data.
		As I said in last week's call, this is related to the more
general issue of relationships between data files.

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