New Connection method from *this Friday*

Dear all,

I've been warning of this for a long time... and here it is. It's time 
to say good bye to Zakim. As of this Friday, we'll switch to WebEx for 
our audio. This is because the zakim conference bridge is being 
decommissioned although, please note, it is only the conference bridge 
that is being decommissioned; we will still use IRC for side discussions 
and minute taking. Confusingly, the IRC bot called zakim is still needed 
as that's the one that manages the speaker queue.

@Dee - when you send out the agenda tomorrow, please replace {{:zakim}} 
with {{:Webex}}. This will write in the new joining instructions (that 
you can see/edit at

Things to note

The easiest way to connect is via your computer audio. Just follow the 
link, which will always be the same [1].

You can use any name you like when you join the meeting but it makes the 
chair and scribe's job a lot easier if you use the same name as you use 
on IRC.

Losing the Zakim bridge means there's no behind the scenes connection 
with the IRC channel. Therefore you need to declare your presence. Do 
this by typing:

present+ {your nick}

(If you care, it's actually RRSAgent that picks this up).

I'm afraid we lose features like zakim, who's noisy? but the meeting 
host can mute anyone and WebEx gives you Skype-like visual clues as to 
where noise if coming from.

Can you use a regular phone instead?

Yes, see the joining instructions for details.

Can WebEx call you?

Yes, or rather, the chair can call you, but the chairs and I need to 
play with that.

It's not that big a change, but it is a change.

Unless something goes wrong, I will be on the call this week, although 
I'll be dependent on university wi-fi to do so (I'll be in Madrid).

If you ever feel nostalgic to hear Ralph Swick's greeting, feel free to 
add to your MP3 player...



Phil Archer
W3C Data Activity Lead
+44 (0)7887 767755

Received on Wednesday, 17 June 2015 15:00:29 UTC