comments regarding versioning


great work on the new WD! i have three comments regarding versioning:

- what is the difference between "Best Practice 8" and "Best Practice 
18"? it seems that they are very similar, and if there indeed is a 
subtle difference, maybe create one practice that spans both, or make it 
more clear what the difference is?

- when it comes to versioning, i am always recommending to focus on 
openness and extensibility and have robust and well-defined models for 
those (this almost always requires well-defined processing models for 
data). this often avoids the need for versioning, which when done badly 
will be a breaking change.

- when it comes to versioning, it is important to distinguish between 
breaking and non-breaking versioning changes. this comes down to the 
comment above: good openness and extensibility makes it easier to have 
non-breaking versioning, which helps tremendously in decentralized 

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