Re: Minor changes suggested for BP

Hi Phil,

Thanks a lot for the updates on the document and the creation of new issues!

I agree with you that some issues should be notes! I'm gonna be aware about
this from now on :)

After our last meeting and Deirdre's comments about the Context section
I've been thinking about the relation between dataset versions and time
series. Do you suggest some reference to help me with this?

Thanks again!

2015-06-11 4:55 GMT-03:00 Phil Archer <>:

> Hi,
> First of all, thanks for including the data identification section and
> cleaning it up.
> I've just spent a few minutes making some small amendments and have
> created a pull request. Changes offered:
> 1. Most controversially, I've added a link to the study I did on
> persistent URIs that is the source of the Dos and Dont's that you've used.
> 2. A couple of 'Issues' I've changed to 'Notes' as they are informative
> notes in the doc, rather than issues as such.
> 3. Where there are issues in the doc, I've made sure that they are linked
> to a =n issue in tracker. Where absent, I've created the issue in tracker.
> Merge at your discretion.
> Cheers
> Phil.
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