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5/29 TLS Meeting Agenda Proposal

5/29 TLS Meeting Notes

[Fwd: HMAC-MD5: to be or not to be?]

A new name for our protocol: SENT

attribute certificates

discussion draft for Montreal IETF

Drafting TLS Specification

I-D ACTION:draft-ietf-tls-ssh-00.txt

IETF mtg discussion comments

issues with the charter

issues with the charter (fwd)

list of known implementations?

May 29th Meeting

Merged Transport Layer Protocol Development

Missing requirements

on the subject of meetings

Openness, change control, future protocol revisions

Password Authentication

Password Authentication (was RE: Merged Transport Layer Protocol Development)

Passwords an security.

Pointer to SLTP document

Pre-encrypted data

pre-encrypted files

process suggestion for TLS

proposed charter for TLS working group

regarding draft charter

resend of proposed charter

Revised Draft Charter

Schedule at June IETF Montreal

Status (if any) of STLP?

STLP "implementation comments"

STLP and proposal

STLP Dccument Source

time as a source of randomness

TLD Draft Charter & Proxies?

tls + photuris?

TLS Draft Charter?

TLS Meetings

TLS working group meeting agenda

Unreliable transport

what is current practice? (ssl2/etc.)

What is going on??????

what's going on

which to implement?

Working group meeting in Montreal

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