TLD Draft Charter & Proxies?

Does the scope of the TLS working group include interaction with firewalls
and/or proxy servers? I think it should, as I think it will be difficult to
have a generic (i.e. non-protocol based) solution to this problem.

If scope includes this, it should be reflected in the draft charter.

I suggest adding the following language in the change bars be added to the
following paragraph of the draft:

At 11:30 PM 4/5/96, Win Treese wrote:
>Several methods of providing a secure and authenticated channel
>between a client and a server on the Internet above the TCP layer have
>appeared.  The objective of this proposed working group is to write
>standards track RFC(s) for protocols using the currently available
>Internet drafts as a basis.  The SSL, PCT and SSH protocols are
>examples of mechanisms of establishing a secure channel for general
>purpose or special purpose Internet applications running over a
|reliable transport, usually TCP. In addition, this proposed working
|group will address methods of providing secure channels through
|firewalls, proxy servers or other reasonable intermediaries in the

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