Re: what is current practice? (ssl2/etc.)

Rodney Thayer wrote:
> since when is ssl3 "current standard practice"?  last I checked SSL2
> was current practice.  I do not think it is at all reasonable to use
> either PCT or SSL3 as some sort of "current standard practice".
> I *wholly* agree that PCT and SSL3 and in fact other mutatations of
> one or the other or both or something completely different are
> *completely* valid proposals.

You're right that ssl2 is more of a "current standard practice".

However, ssl3 is already shipping in the latest Netscape client and
server betas.  There are 5 implementations that have been shown to
interoperate (although they're all still being debugged).  And there's
a sample impelementation that's being worked on.

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