Drafting TLS Specification

We at Consensus Development been following the various discussions on the
TLS Working Group list with interest, and it is clear that someone will
need to sit down and create a draft RFC describing whatever this working
group decides upon.

I am volunteering Consensus Development for this task; I will assign
technical and writing resources towards producing that document based on
the efforts of this group.

I will say that we are a little prejudiced on the side of taking SSL 3 as a
base and adding those features that Microsoft and others think that they
need. Our lead engineer, Tim Dierks, has independently looked over the
Microsoft strawman and has some real concerns about it's approach. However,
we'll draft whatever the group consensus arrives at.

Consensus Development is qualified to do this work by the fact that we are
a fairly independent third party with the necessary experience in
documentation and cryptographic protocols to produce a quality product (see
our web pages for more info.) We have recently been implementing SSL 3, and
have found a number of ambiguities and poorly clarified items that we'd
like to prevent in any TLS protocol specification.

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Received on Tuesday, 14 May 1996 14:32:26 UTC